Kaoha Nui,

As soon as you arrive in Hiva Oa, we are your first point of contact. We are located at the Port of Tahauku, Semaphore (pass the station Mobil, boatyard and access the tip). A map is at your disposal down here or on facebook page.

Our missions are to provide and help you as much as possible so you can spend an incredible stay on our island !

Hiva Oa Yacht Services offers Yachtmen and Yachts a wide range of services. Please discover them and do not hesitate to contact us.

Kaoha Nui everyone ! I'm Sandra from Marquisas Islands and I'm living in Hiva Oa since I was 11 years old. Passionated by nature and culture, my family is my balance. David and I, have 2 children aged 16 and 9.  

Hiva Oa Yacht Services was born in 2006 to help people enjoy and having a comfortable stay on the island. I am really happy welcoming sailers or travelers at the semaphore. And since so far,  I have developed my own values like customers satisfaction and quality of services.

I am also very involved for the development of marquisian culture and eco tourism in the island. Thus beyond the technical and logistical aspect of my job, I am able to offer many services (activities or excursions...).

Do not hesitate to contact me ! Koutau Nui !

Come and join us

On every wednesday evening : come, talk, laugh, danse, play music and share a pure moment of hapiness with friends of Hiva Oa Yacht Services !

Le Luthier des Marquises

David Fabre is the luthier of Marquesas islands, in Hiva Oa. The artist uses the most precious woods from his garden to make guitars, acoustics, ukuleles, kamakas...